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The Original Mermaid:
 The Original Mermaid Co – Shimmers like a mermaid tail!

Catherine Lillywhites:
 From the very beginnings with decorative products that Catherine Lillywhite crafted herself by hand, up until now, with a unique and eclectic mixture of holiday items, gifts, decorative and personal accessories she has created an extremely attractive, one stop shopping experience for all the retailers that are her friends and followers. She was at the forefront of the move to introduce personal accessories to the gift market.

Art Studio Company:
 Products are inspired by our world travels, bringing together unique style, customized designs, and earth friendly manufacturing.

Designs by Beverly:
 All designs are original. Unlike other artists that reproduce their designs on canvas or paper, I reproduce mine on fabric. My designs are machine washable and colorfast, and come with care instructions.

Flap Jack Kids:
 Reversible Sun Hats, Sun Hats, Reversible Kids Hats, Kids Hats, Ivy and Alex Project, Headbands, Convertible Headbands, Wristlets.

225 Unlimited:
 At 225 Unlimited (Rep Agency), It is As Simple as Black and White. In two divisions featuring General Gifts & Home Accessories and trends, kids, party & paper. Some of the lines in 225 Unlimited are US Made.