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Socially Conscious Fashion and Accessories

Goods 4 U Global is now owned by Global Opportunity and is caring and sharing handmade, Fair Trade, eco-friendly Artisan goods from around the globe. Our website is to make shopping for socially responsible goods easier and less time consuming by hosting a variety of goods from many different countries and artists in one convenient site. You will find different product categories from personal accessories to table top and a few cause related products to help you provide a wonderful array of goods for your customers in your retail space.

Art Studio Company travels the world bringing you socially conscious hand crafted goods. Our focus is on the highest of quality, earth friendly materials and workmanship. All of our Hand Made accessories are made in small villages and benefit the local people of these communities. Their US design team focuses on the highest quality earth friendly materials and workmanship.  Products include hand painted glass, recycled ornaments and hand made accessories.

Calypso Studios has a collection of “green” and environmentally friendly handbags made of 100% natural, biodegradable cork. Cork is a renewable and sustainable asset as it comes from cork oak trees that regenerate their own bark. Cork is said to be a natural mosquito and bug repellent as well as fire resistant and water proof. It’s also durable and lightweight. Who knew you could be so environmentally friendly and fashionable all at the same time?




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